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Dining Room Tour: HGTV Green Home 2010Dining Room Tour: HGTV Green Home 2010
A cozy nook surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows provides a casual corner for family meals. The dining table, built by Cape Cod craftsman and owner of West Barnstable Tables Richard Kiusalas, tells a unique green story. “I just fell in love with it,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum of the furnishing, fashioned from repurposed antique pine. “It’s perfect for our spot. It looks amazing.”

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Nowadays people want quality furniture to last a lifetime. Many people in our society can't afford to be continuously replacing their worn out, broken furniture.
Here at West Barnstable Tables we handmake quality, hard wood furniture for your home. We use the strongest wood and we don't sell anything but the best.

We are your premier wood furniture seller in Massachusetts. We design, create and make top of the line wood furniture. If you're looking for furniture made from antique wood,
you've come to the right place. We can make some of the most outstanding antique, rustic looking furniture. What's great about our business is that our furniture is made
out of one of the toughest yet warm materials, wood!

West Barnstable Tables was established in 1970. The owners had a desire to build easy and creative furniture from old wood.
Our skilled craftsmen make contemporary furniture from new hardwoods. We carry furniture in cherry, birdseye maple and black walnut.
What's even more is that there is not much to do to maintain your wood furniture, just occasional dusting will do.

What you will find here is antique wood tables, reclaimed wooden tables, wood dining tables, wooden end tables, wood coffee tables,
wooden chairs, wood cupboards and sideboards and also wooden hutches. All of the pieces you'll find that we make are functional for
every room in your home. We guarantee that you will be able to find a complete set for a room in your home that matches the decor of your house.

Wood tables, specifically wooden dining tables are essential to your home. The dining table is where your family and friends gather to eat and socialize.
You'll want a table that is long-lasting and appealing to the eye. friendly, and easy to live with.

Wooden chairs are also a necessity as they can withstand weight, wear and tear. Our wood chairs are creative looking and would look great in your home.
Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with new wood cupboards? We can design and handmake new cupboards for that wow factor you're looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about the quality wood furniture we carry. We are located in Massachusetts and we look forward to doing business with you.